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Refillable Water Bottles

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Running errands, taking a walk, being out in the fresh air….it’s thirsty work right…??? And what better way to re-hydrate than with some good old fashioned water.

Right. But not if it comes in a single use plastic bottle.

FACT: Over 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, with Kiwi’s consuming around 5 million packaged drinks every day. Yet, despite most plastic drink bottles being highly recyclable, less than 50% actually are.

And since when did we think it was cool to pay dearly for a resource that’s essentially….free…..???? Yes, that’s right. Some of the big brands are selling us no more than filtered tap water in a plastic container….:(

What Can I Do….?

The best thing you can do, to save waste and $$, is to get yourself a good quality drink bottle and get into the habit of filling it and taking it with you when you go out. There are lots to choose from, but my personal favourite would have to be an insulated stainless steel one with a wide enough opening to get a brush inside to clean it!! I have an old thermos that has been with me for years.

If you happen to forget your bottle and get thirsty when you’re out, see if you can find a water fountain or fork out and pay for some spring water in a glass bottle which you can reuse!!

Go the Extra Mile

Talk to your kids and encourage them to take a water bottle to school and on trips out. Tell them why it’s important and how they are helping.

Be a Refiller not a Landfiller. Check out this brilliant app from RefillNZ which lists venues near you that allow you to refill your own water bottle. Participating venues will have a sticker in the window letting you know you can refill inside. If your fave cafe isn’t part of this great initiative yet, give them a nudge…..!!!

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