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Hair Care

Natural hair care, solid shampoo bars, pure styling wax, hair conditioner, organic hair care, vegan hair products, body & hair oils, organic shampoos, natural hair repair, eco shampoos with essential oils...

Bamboo Hairbrush CaliWoods Eco-Products
Be Silky - Camomile and Lavender Eco Shampoo Be Natural Soap
Organic Neem Hair and Body Wash 50ml greentrading
Rosemary Hair Shampoo Bar The Plant Base
Conditioner Bar - Zingy Lime MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Unscented Shampoo Bar Flower and Field
Everyday Things Bamboo Hair Brush - 3 Sizes Naturally Fabulous
Wooden Neem Comb Narrow Tooth greentrading
Shampoo and Conditioner Unscented Combo MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Wooden Neem Comb Mixed Tooth greentrading
Be Silky - Rosemary and Eucalyptus Eco Shampoo Be Natural Soap
Shampoo and Conditioner Scented Combo MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Conditioner Bar - Fragrance Free MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Hemp Oil Shampoo Bar by Naturally Coromandel Naturally Coromandel
ama Solid Conditioner - Awaken Ama Balm
Kutu Kombo! A shampoo soap and comb to combat Headlice Be Natural Soap
Wooden Neem Pocket Comb greentrading
Powder Based Shampoo Dust & Glow
ama Solid Shampoo - Awaken Ama Balm
Wood Pin Hair Brush Etico
Kombucha Shampoo for Fine Hair 250ml Mara Botanical
Thyme ACV Spritz by Naturally Coromandel Naturally Coromandel
Nourishing Shampoo SRS Clinics
Shampoo/ Conditioner / Shave Bar/ Combo MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Zoo Organic Hair and Scalp Serum Zoo
Purely Essential Revive & Thrive Hair Spritz 120ml PURELYESSENTIAL
Hathor Fusion Shea Butter cream for Hair Hathor Fusion

Hair Care

Having great hair means having the right hair routine. And at the heart of that routine is having the right hair care products. Whilst reading the list of ingredients on a standard bottle of shampoo or conditioner you will have no doubt been left wondering what half of them were. To cut back on the chemicals try a natural hair care approach that is kinder for you and the environment.

On these pages you will find natural and organic hair care products made with love by real people. Their nourishing ingredients will gently clean and freshen your locks. Whether you choose an organic neem hair and body wash or one of the body and hair oils from Fiji Spice Queen you can be confident of the ingredients used.

Be Natural have removed the plastic bottle and created a range of solid shampoo bars to bring out your hair’s natural shine and beauty. Their concentrated formula means they are long lasting and represent an excellent eco hair care choice.

Whatever your hair type or natural hair care need you will find a product that’s right for you within our hair care pages. From everyday shampoos and conditioners to intensive natural hair repair. 

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