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Be Silky - Rosemary and Eucalyptus Eco Shampoo Be Natural Soap
Kombucha Shampoo for Fine Hair Mara Botanical
Shampoo Goat milk soap bar Udderly Pure
Be Silky - Camomile and Lavender Eco Shampoo Be Natural Soap
Kutu Kombo! A shampoo soap and comb to combat Headlice Be Natural Soap
Kombucha Shampoo Mara Botanical


Many modern shampoos are formulated with a range of chemicals that have raised health concerns. These chemicals can strip out your natural hair oils causing an imbalance which may then lead to scalp problems such as itchy dandruff, hair breakage or even premature hair loss.

Whether you are motivated to use less chemicals as a personal health choice or out of respect for the environment natural shampoos are a great place to start. The eco shampoos on our marketplace are chock-full of balanced nourishing ingredients to bring out your hair’s natural shine. If you are concerned about the number of plastic bottles you are using then why not try a solid shampoo bar instead. Solid shampoo has little or no packaging and is really easy to use too.

Our talented Vendors have created a range of organic & natural shampoos that work with your body to create healthy beautiful looking hair. People with sensitive skin or allergies may also find relief using a natural shampoo as they are mildly formulated and therefore less likely to cause skin irritations.

Whatever your hair type you will find a natural shampoo to gently cleanse and restore your hair whilst also being kinder to the environment. Once you have found your perfect match why not take a look at our range of natural conditioners to complete your hair care routine.

Whilst most of our natural shampoos are mild enough to happily use on young children or babies you might also find what you are looking for in our Baby & Child Bathing & Skincare category.

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