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Natural soap, eco soap, vegan soap, handmade soap, organic soap, New Zealand made, goat's milk soap, sensitive skin soap, organic neem soap.....

Timber Soap Rack Be Natural Soap
Travel Shampoo and Face Cleanser Bar MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Soap Starfruit Fiji Spice Queen
Body Bar - Orange Bliss MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Organic Supergreen Soap The Soap Shop Ltd
SheLux - Basic Beauty - Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Soap Frangipani Fiji Spice Queen
New Zealand Lavender & Black Pepper Soap The Soap Shop Ltd
Manuka Honey, Oatmeal and Goatsmilk Gentle Soap Bar harper & leaf
Organic Vegan Soap – Pink Clay Etico
Soap Noni Superfruit Fiji Spice Queen
Soap Pure Coconut Fiji Spice Queen
SheLux - Everyday Beauty - Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Organic Vegan Soap – Orangeade Etico
Cape Gooseberry & Musk Soap Camille Co.
Body Bar - Lemongrass Love MOVE2ECO LIMITED
LAVENDER + PEPPERMINT soap The Natural Box
Face Bar - Acne, Blemish Prone Skin MOVE2ECO LIMITED New
Liquid Castile Soap 200ml Concentrate Flower and Field
HeLux - Basic - Eco Pack MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Baby Carrot Soap Flower and Field
Udderly PURE Goatmilk Soap Bar Udderly Pure
Body Bar - Tea Tree Trio MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Lanolin and Calendula Soap Flower and Field
Rosemary and Lavender Leaf Solid Shampoo La Sirene Aromatica
Organic Tea Tree and Clove Soap The Soap Shop Ltd
AGELESS Organic Rosehip and Strawberry Soap The Soap Shop Ltd


We are pleased to offer our collection of eco soaps, natural soaps and vegan soaps many of which are crafted by hand here in New Zealand by our very clever Vendors. With a selection of fragrances, shapes and sizes you are sure to find your perfect soap. From simple or unscented natural soap ideal for everyday use to luxury soaps that make for a special treat or gift.

There are a number of different ways of making soap and consequently not all soap bars are created equally. Traditionally soap is made by mixing fats with lye (which historically was just a mixture of rainwater and ash). Sounds simple….but good soap depends upon the correct balance of these two core ingredients to produce glycerin and natural soap. Of course essential oils, fragrance oils and other botanicals may then also be added to create the finished natural soap. 

Natural soap should be gentle on your skin leaving you feeling fresh without any of the dryness associated with many modern soaps. This drying effect is due to the soap being over processed together with the removal of much of the glycerin that helps keeps skin soft and moisturised. Making matters worse for people with sensitive skin harsh chemicals like detergents, foaming agents and synthetic fragrances may then be added. It is no wonder that the environment isn’t pleased when this cocktail is washed down the drain!

A natural soap should work in harmony with your body without stripping your skin of it’s protective oils. You may also be interested in more natural beauty like our range of natural body wash & shower gels or for healthy natural looking hair our natural shampoos & conditioners.

If you suffer from eczema or other skin conditions take a look at our specific natural skin rescue products which includes specialist soaps.

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