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Skin Rescue

Eczema balm, organic neem oil, natural acne cream, nipple balm, healing salve, psoriasis treatment, manuka cream, pregnancy belly butter, eczema rescue....

Rose Quartz Gua Sha facial massage crystal Hayley Benseman
Organic Facial Mist (Emma Organics) Eco Boutique
ORGANIC PURE NEEM OIL 250ML greentrading
Eczema Rescue Balm Sabun - Eczema Rescue Products
High Priestess Huangarua Healing Salve MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Pregnancy Belly Butter Beekeeper's Daughter
Organic Purifying Blemish Gel (Emma Organics) Eco Boutique
Organic Propolis Tincture BIF40+ TranzAlpineHoney New Zealand
Eczema Rescue Soap (2 x soaps pack) Sabun - Eczema Rescue Products
Skin Calm Natural Me Limited
Triple Infused Calendula Rescue Oil The Sage Apothecary
Kawakawa & Manuka Topical Cream Apheleia
Gilly's Skin Balm The Eczema Store
Wound Powder - for Horse, House & Human Lanies New
Tummy Time Hayley Benseman
Eczema Rescue Pack - ( 1x soap, 1x skin balm) Sabun - Eczema Rescue Products
Nursing Nipple Balm Beekeeper's Daughter
Rose Queen, Face and Body Mask Powder Lanies New

Skin Rescue

This is where you’ll find all the products you need to help rescue your skin from existing problems you might have – skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, acne, psoriasis or even the dreaded stretch marks. Using all natural ingredients known for their healing powers our vendors have crafted some very special products often out of necessity to treat their own condition.

Having previously seen the long term effects of battling eczema with steroids when our son developed eczema we knew we wanted to try something different. It took a bit of trial and error but we found that a natural eczema treatment delivered a calming and soothing effect to lessen the desire to scratch as well as providing a moisturising barrier – steroids are now reserved only for the occasional bad flare-up.

You may also find it beneficial to look at the products in our Soothe & Protect category which is meant to be for prevention rather than cure but as you can imagine there is potential for overlap.

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