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Natural deodorant,

Natural Deodorant 80g - Citrus Wendyls
Rose Geranium Deodorant Little Mango
Herbal Deodorant Stick - Spicy Mara Botanical
Rose/Lime/Vanilla Deodorant Stick Raw Nature
Bee Fresh Deodorant - Push up Balm Bee Fresh Deodorant
Natural Deodorant 80g - Unscented Wendyls
Herbal Deodorant Stick - Floral Mara Botanical
Lavender Deodorant Stick Raw Nature
Vanilla Deodorant Stick -Sensitive Skin (unscented) Raw Nature
Hathor Fusion Deodorant Cream Hathor Fusion
Mint Deodorant Stick Raw Nature
Natural Deodorant 80g - Rose Wendyls
Cedarwood Deodorant Little Mango
Natural Lavender Deodorant Hayley Benseman
Natural Deodorant 80g - Lavender Wendyls
Underbalm Patchouli & Citrus No3 LTD
Probiotic Deodorant Bar Back to the Wild
Underbalm Lemongrass & Lime No3 LTD
Blue Rock Babe Deodorant with Natural Colloidal Silver MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Citrus Deodorant Little Mango
Natural Deodorant Tea Tree & Lavender The Bach
Vanilla Deodorant Little Mango
Solid Deodorant in Beeswax Wrap nectar
Natural Peppermint & Tea Tree Deodorant Hayley Benseman
Citrus Deodorant Stick Raw Nature
Natural Deodorant 80g - Patchouli Wendyls


Sweating is a very normal bodily function and your body’s way of keeping you cool. There is nothing wrong with sweat and sweat itself doesn’t smell. If you’ve read Deodorant v Antiperspirant on our blog you’ll know that it is the bacteria on our bodies that causes the unpleasant odour. Regular antiperspirants block your pores to stop you sweating and non-natural deodorants use harsh chemicals to kill the bacteria. Using natural deodorants won’t stop you sweating entirely but they will stop the sweat from smelling.

Natural deodorants are designed to keep you fresh whilst being kinder to you and the environment. The organic ingredients, essential oils and other all natural ingredients represent a gentle alternative to a traditional chemical laden deodorant. Find your perfect match within our range of natural deodorant balms, deodorant sticks and deodorant sprays.

Now you’ve got your deodorant sorted start and end your day clean. Use all natural Body Wash & Showergels and natural Hair Care as part of your daily natural health & beauty routine.

Still not convinced to go natural? Many standard deodorants contain ingredients such as triclosan, aluminium and parabens. Whilst researchers can’t agree on the actual effects of these ingredients until they are proved to be safe we believe they are best avoided. Triclosan is used for its anti-bacterial properties and has been classified as a probable carcinogen. Parabens are used as a preservative and are known to disrupt hormones. Aluminium is potentially the worst with suggestions of links to breast cancer and dementia! It is used to block your pores to stop you sweating. Doesn’t sound very natural does it?

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