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Limit Your Plastic Takeaway Cutlery and Containers

Limit your takeaway waste

Eating on the go or ordering takeaway can accumulate a lot of single use plastic. Think cups, sushi trays, plastic cutlery, food wrappers…

FACT: Discarded food and beverage containers made up almost half of the 15,552 ute loads of rubbish collected during a Clean Up Australia Day.

What Can I Do…??

With a little planning you can avoid takeaway packaging. If you’re getting a takeaway, lots of restaurants are now open to providing food in your own containers, so take them along!! Or are you getting food delivered…?? Then make sure you ask for no additional cutlery and support businesses that offer more sustainable packaging options.

Perhaps you like to grab a bite to eat when you’re out and about? If this is you, consider taking your own utensils with you. You can just take a knife and fork from the kitchen drawer (!!) or get a light weight bamboo set to keep in your bag.

Go the Extra Mile

Pack your own lunch….!! I do this a lot as it saves me money, time, waste and I know what I’m getting without stressing about the cost or the quality of food when I’m out and about. Make yourself a sandwich or my go-to, pack some leftovers in a container and bring a fork!!

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More Ideas

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