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Kia ora - Welcome to my store and my studio.

Kia ora, my name is Sonia Therese.

I am a story-teller.  I tell my stories with jewellery – beautiful, meaningful and original jewellery that is designed to walk as lightly as possible on our mighty Mother Earth.

I am based in Christchurch, and following the Earthquakes here in 2010-2011, the degree of destruction and waste that followed was as much of a tragedy as the original disaster.  I was horrified at how much beautiful material was bulldozed and thrown in landfill.  I started making jewellery from this material – originally as a statement – which has now grown to a movement.  That movement is called Creative Connection…let me tell you a little about it…

Creative Connection – Imagine, if you will, experiencing an awakening of spirit and purpose so profound that you cannot sleep.  So profound that you feel deeply, intrinsically connected to every source of energy in the Universe.  In your hand you hold a precious totem; a treasure – a piece of jewelry reconnecting you to an endless, timeless wisdom.

This is the wisdom of your ancestors.  This is the wisdom of our Mighty Mother Earth.  This is the wisdom of the Universe itself.

And, you remember that this is YOU.  This is the wisdom of your own heart, expressing itself and it’s reason for being.  You remember that you have access to this timeless Creative Connection and Universal wisdom every single day.

And you are invited warmly, to share your legacy by passing on this piece, this treasure, when the time comes.

I am thrilled to have you visit my shop, find out more about what I offer and share our common vision for a healthier planet.

Ko te mea nui, ko te aroha ~ the greatest thing is love

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