About Seventh and Two

Seventh and Two is a stationery and lifestyle brand based in Auckland, New Zealand founded and owned by graphic designer, Kelly Gilchrist.

Her first collection, The Botanical Collection, features the soft petals of chrysanthemums balanced with the almost harsh black and white contrast offering a primary example of opposites attract. Paired with the timeless typeface, Baskerville, in gold, this collection shines light to a blend of elegance, beauty and grace.

Seventh and Two’s roots are in eco stationery, but as we continue to grow and develop more products under the Seventh and Two brand, we look forward to expanding the breadth and depth of our product line.

The first of Seventh and Two’s core principles is to use packaging that is either re-usable or at the very least recyclable. The second of Seventh and Two’s core principles is to create a spark of creativity within the individual by allowing our product line to be the catalyst of inspiration. Our product collection is a platform that encourages the user to apply his or her creative freedom.

We are only small but we hope you enjoy our paper goods, it was a pleasure making them for you!


Products from Seventh and Two