About nectar

Ten years ago, nectar was born in a kauri cottage at Howick Beach when I discovered by accident that using a handmade soap relieved my son’s long-term eczema.

Nothing from doctors or other health professionals had helped the nightly agony he felt in the shower, the constant scratching and irritability and the overwhelming guilt I felt that I was unable to help my boy who was in such pain on a daily basis. I hadn’t thought for a minute that the highly detergent-based, triple-milled soaps and body washes I was buying could be the origin of his discomfort.

When I realised that all of a sudden the nightly screaming in the shower had stopped and his skin was repairing itself, I quickly realised it could only be because of this wonderful soap! It led me on a personal journey away from mass-produced and sometimes toxic and hormone unbalancing personal care products and back to nourishing the largest organ we have – our skin.

When I started making my own products for my family, so many friends asked for me to supply them some too and voila! the nectar experience began gathering speed.

The range has grown over the years in response to demand from family and friends to what has now become a large, loyal customer base.

Every effort is made to source organic and/or sustainable ingredients, so all of our products are 100% friendly for you as well as our environment.


Products from nectar