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  • ED-1199 Multi-Purpose Bamboo Cloths

    Fantastic product, i will buy it again! Thank you for a wonderful website and service

    - LE, 18/9/2021
  • ED-5934 Degradable 27L HD Office Bin Tidy Liner

    Excellent product and prompt delivery

    - AA, 23/4/2021
  • ECV-18OF Fairtrade Organic Canvas Natural Tote Bag

    Very quick delivery and love the product. Perfect size for my uni things and well made so I don’t have to worry about it breaking. Love the larger handles too makes it a nicer fit on my arm.

    - RC, 27/3/2021
  • Eco-Set-05 Zero Waste Pet Set

    Love these bags and container with a hook to put the used bag on. Great that it’s eco friendly too. Will definitely be buying more from green elephant
    Thanks ?

    - CA, 20/1/2021
  • ED-5944 80L Degradable Bin Liners with Dispenser Box

    Purchased in April 2020 and only just reordering. Great bags, strong and sturdy while also being degradable. Box stores easily in bottom of pantry

    - KW, 12/1/2021
  • ED-5934 Degradable 27L HD Office Bin Tidy Liner

    Strong bags, great size for office bins

    - KW, 22/8/2020
  • COMP60 Earth Rated Compostable Dog Poop Bags

    Great low waste cardboard packaging, sturdy bags

    - KW, 22/8/2020
  • ED-5934 Degradable 27L HD Office Bin Tidy Liner


    - KY, 9/7/2020
  • 50 X EP-CHK20 Checkout Bags – Large

    Great product

    - JH, 9/7/2020
  • ED-8009 Degradable Fresh Produce Bags

    A new product for us to try and also found this product good and also the size also suits our needs.

    - IM, 1/6/2020
  • ED-5934 Degradable 27L HD Office Bin Tidy Liner

    A wonderful product(have ordered this online before) and will continue using it as this size suits our needs.

    - IM, 1/6/2020
  • ECV-09 Canvas mybagcares bag

    Best shopping bag ever. We bought one a few years ago at a Green Expo. That bag is still going strong. Just had to have another one. Thumbs up!

    - DvW, 29/5/2020
  • ED-2060 Compostable Bin Liners 60L

    Great Product and great service.

    - GW, 8/4/2020
  • 50 X EP-CHK20 Checkout Bags – Large

    Excellent product. Very prompting efficient delivery, as always.

    - JH, 2/2/2020
  • ED-2060 Compostable 60L

    Brilliant product and brilliant service.

    - GW, 31/12/2019
  • ED-2027 Compostable 27L

    - JP, 20/11/2019
  • ED-2000 7L Caddy Liner

    - JP, 20/11/2019
  • ED-2020 Compostable Bin Liner Medium (Pack of 100)

    I love these bags. A pack lasts me for ages but are good for everything when I can't use my cloth or string bags. Mainly use for bin liners or for plants and markets. They're brilliant and really good value. Thank you for stocking them.

    - MR, 15/10/2019
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