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Biodegradable Placenta Cocoon, natural feathers and paua

Earth Friendly Cocoons is a national and international business based in Napier, Hawke’s Bay New Zealand that specializes in creating uniquely designed, handcrafted, biodegradable cocoons to help families adopt earth friendly burial options.

Many families in New Zealand and throughout the World are increasing their demand for more natural burial options, for both, their placentas and their loved ones ashes.

Placenta burials have happened for many years around the world and it is a part of many cultures – burying the placenta, its a link; the past, the present and the future. And advocates of green burials say that  families may take comfort in knowing their loved ones ashes will become part of the natural cycle of nature.

Each Placenta Cocoon comes includes a bio bag (corn starch), a white ‘plastic bag’ for safe travel home (needs to be removed before burial), a packet of wildflower seeds that you may like to scatter during the ceremony, guidelines and a blessing you can read when you bury the placenta.

The cremated ash cocoons are available in three sizes – large which is suitable for a baby or child’s ashes, extra large – which is suitable for adults ashes and little lovelies – which are great for families that may live in different locations,and would like to ‘share’ the ashes of their loved one. These cocoons come with a bio bag (corn starch), a packet of wildflower seeds that you may like to scatter and guidelines to help with your eco burial.

Adornments available – Flax flowers, natural feathers,  polished paua (abalone) shells and pieces, pink mussel shell pieces and wooden hearts (lovely for writing a wee note). I find two different adornments works well. If you have any special requests, please let me know. I will do my best to accommodate.



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