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Ensopet Pet Waste Composter

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Ensopet is an innovative inground composting system specifically designed for composting pet waste, easily and hygienically . EnsoPet composts all pet waste such as Dog Poo, Cat Poo, Rabbit and Guinea Pig Poo!

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Product Information

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How EnsoPet Works

Once installed in the garden, using the tongs provided, pet waste is collected and dropped in to the composter. EnsoPet Starter is then sprinkled on top. The micro-organisms in the EnsoPet Starter ensure a rapid breakdown of the waste. Due to this continuous cycle of composing the EnsoPet composter will take many months or may never completely fill, ensuring extended use. If your composter fills, you simply move it to another location in your garden.

 Installing EnsoPet

  1. Assembling the EnsoPet composter is very easy. The 4 sides simply clip together creating a bottomless cylinder. The lid fits neatly on top of this cylinder.
  2. Select a spot in your garden away from edible plants and phosphorus sensitive native plants
  3. Dig a hole 40cm deep and 40cm wide.
  4. Place the EnsoPet composter into the hole, so that only the lid is sitting above ground.
  5. Fill in the soil around the outside of the EnsoPet composter.
  6. Place the tongs near the EnsoPet composter to aid in waste collection.


Your EnsoPet is ready to Use

  1. Using the tongs pick up your pet’s waste and drop it into the EnsoPet composter.
  2. Lightly sprinkle EnsoPet starter on top of the waste (approximately 20 grams per 100 grams of pet waste).
  3. Repeat this process as required. For best results add smaller amounts often (it is better to add the waste daily rather than weekly).
  4. Composting requires a moist environment. Rain will enter your EnsoPet through the slots at the sides enabling this moist environment.
  5. Do not let the EnsoPet dry out, water EnsoPet in conjunction with watering your garden.
  6. The micro-organisms in the EnsoPet Starter ensure a rapid breakdown of the waste, because of this continuous cycle of composting the EnsoPet composter will take many months or may never completely fill.
  7. These micro-organisms also help remediate any pathogens in your pet waste, whilst simultaneously enriching and rebuilding the soil at a microbial level.

Top Tips

If your EnsoPet is filling up too quickly this is likely due to the condition of your soil.  Installing a second unit will address this issue.

By composting your pet waste with EnsoPet you will be greatly improving the quality of your soil due to the microbes present in the Starter.  If your soil is in poor condition, this improvement may take several weeks. Using two units allows more time for your soil to get conditioned.

Adding some carbon rich organics such as dry leaves, fine bark, spent potting mix, to your EnsoPet will assist with improving the soil condition.

As the condition of your soil improves the breakdown of the pet waste will be quicker. Similarly, if you have a lot of pet waste or more than one pet, installing a second unit may be required. Or if you simply want to improve the soil in another part of your garden add an additional unit.


  • Really happy with this product. Makes cleaning up after our puppy so easy.

    SD, 31-5-2019
  • Easy to assemble but it seems to take a little long to decompose the poo's into something like non poo! It is so convenient to scoop up the poo from the lawn and dispose of it into the little composter. There should be a bigger size available for larger dogs, our greyhound creates a lot of waste. The product is good but instead of those dumm prongs to pick up poo's - a scoop is better when the poo's are not that firm!

    RvdV, 10-4-2018
  • Great product, easy to install. Prompt delivery. Very pleased with it.

    KW, 17-6-2017

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Less Landfill

Recyclable and usage ensures removal of material from landfill

Recycled / Upcycled

Ensopet is made from recycled plastic