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Purely Essential Muscle & Joint Relieve 15 ml

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Highly soothing and relieving tenderness, strain, heat, burning, swelling, and soreness, associated with muscle & joint problems. A very effective natural solution for reducing discomfort and pain associated with degenerative conditions,giving relief

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Soothe Aches & Pains | Assist Healing Naturally | Natural Anti-inflammatory

Powerful compounds of New Zealand certified organic and therapeutic-grade oils of Cajeput, Cassia, Clove Bud, Capsaicin, Menthol, Wintergreen, Camphor, and Nutmeg, finely blended into a carrier base of Hemp seed (Cannabis sativa) and Moringa, come together in a handcrafted natural remedy, that helps to soothe and relieve tenderness, strain, heat, burning, swelling and soreness after sports, associated with muscle & joint problems. A very effective natural solution assisting in the reduction of discomfort and pain associated with degenerative conditions, providing relief.

There is a growing interest in the industry to replace synthetic chemicals with natural products with bioactive properties that have shown many times to be more gentle and effective in supporting degenerative pain and muscle & joint discomforts than mainstream products. Allow yourself a fast and efficient pain relief with this plant-based but very powerful remedy. Have your muscles and sore joints relaxed equally and enjoy a flexible and fit body on the go! Suitable for adults and children alike. There are no known interactions or side effects if used as directed.

Conditions this product might be helpful for:

arthritis pain, sore muscles, musculoskeletal pain, muscle tissue damage, sporting injuries, post-workout pain relief, muscle aches, ligament injuries, disc damage, knee problems, stiff joints, cartilage damage, wear-and-tear of joints, painful joints, chronic inflammation, connective tissue decline, reduced mobility, immobility, joint discomfort, minor injuries, overexertion, muscle cramps, repetitive strain injuries, sprain injuries, swelling, bruising, numbness, sciatica pain, nerve pain, spasms, back pain (upper & lower), neck & shoulder tension, poor circulation, numb feet.

How does it work?

Hemp seed Cannabinoids found in Cannabis sativa are known to be supportive in relieving pain due to their anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties. It has high restorative and nutritional value for the joints and helps to relax muscles and sore joints equally and assists in their recovery.

Moringa with a strong presence of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin K, Moringa is beneficial for maintaining healthy bones and helping to recover from muscle, bone, and joint discomfort. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help with easing pain and swelling brought on by other degenerative problems.

Clove, Wintergreen, and Capsaicin this team contains the pain-relieving compounds of eugenol, methyl salicylate, and salicylates. They assist in temporarily depleting a chemical in the nerve system that transmits pain sensation. This trio has great potential to improve an out-of-whack back, sore muscles, and joints, and much more.

Menthol, Camphor, and Cassia this trio acts as an anesthetic with a cool numbing sensation as it penetrates the skin. It can assist to relieve minor muscle or joint pain and helps to soothe and relieve discomfort.

Cajeput and Nutmeg help to relieve pain beneath the skin rather than just on the surface. Nutmeg contains many essential compounds such as myristicin, elemicin, eugenol, and safrole to assist in relieving and soothing discomfort naturally.

Active Ingredients:

*Hempseed, Moringa oleifera (Moringa), *Gaultheria Procumbens (Wintergreen), Cinnamomum camphora (Camphor) *Cinnamomum cassia (Cassia), Melaleuca leucadendron cajaputi (Cajeput), *Eugenia caryophyllos (Clove Bud) Capsicum oleoresin (Capsaicin), *Menthol (Menthol), *Myristica Fragrans  (Nutmeg) *Certified organic.  All 100% therapeutic-grade.

Organic Certification by BioGro New Zealand Ltd. (no genetic modification, animal cruelty, or synthetic pesticides and herbicides).


Roll-on some Muscle & Joint Relieve onto the affected area of discomfort and gently work into the skin for 2-3 minutes for best absorption. Cover with some heat cushion or hot water bottle for the essentials to penetrate deep into tissue where the pain occurs. Repeat 2-3x per day until the discomfort has improved. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Roll-on application is very economical and lasts well.


Product Weight:15 ml

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Please choose carefully as unfortunately this product is not eligible for our No Worries Return due to Why No worries policy doesn’t apply hygiene issues, being a cosmetic product that carries only a seal on the outer package. However, if the product or any part of it is faulty (packaging, dispenser, etc.) we happily will exchange it without further cost to you. . Please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy for further information.



Positive Packaging

packed in frosted glass bottles with a paper label and paper outer packaging

Animal Friendly

None of the Purely Essential products are tested on animals


None of the Purely Essential products are manufactured on an assembly line, but handmade with Love.

Made in New Zealand

All Purely Essential products are 100% NZ made and NZ owned.


made of Ingredients that are certified by BioGro New Zealand Ltd. (no genetic modification, animal cruelty, or synthetic pesticides and herbicides)

Pure and Safe

All Ingredients are 100% natural and chemical-free

Speciality Diet - Vegan

All Purely Essential products are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians