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Solid Beauty Bars

Gardener's Soap 7th Cloud Soaps
Activated Charcoal Goats Milk Soap Frabella Soaps
Peaches and Cream Goats Milk Soap Frabella Soaps
Hemp seed & Jojoba hair shampoo bar Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
100% Olive Oil Bar Soap Old School Soap
Twelve Assorted Soap Bars - Gift Box harper & leaf
Shampoo and Conditioner Scented Combo MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Mint + Rosemary Soap Bar harper & leaf
Caribbean Teakwood Soap. 7th Cloud Soaps
Lavender Goats Milk Bar Frabella Soaps
Ylang Ylang + Sweet Orange Soap Bar harper & leaf
Body Bar - Patchouli - Soap MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Rose & Clay Soap - Detox & Antioxidant 7th Cloud Soaps
Bullswool Farm Soap by Naturally Coromandel Naturally Coromandel
Cornsilk Calming Soap - Sheep Tallow Flower and Field
Chamomile Soap 7th Cloud Soaps
100% Olive Oil Soap (Castile Soap) 7th Cloud Soaps
Lime, Basil + Mandarin Soap Bar harper & leaf
King of the Mountain Goats Milk Bar Frabella Soaps
Turmeric & Amber Soap 7th Cloud Soaps
Kawakawa & Manuka Soap Kara Kawa
Organic Coffee Scrub Goats Milk Bar Frabella Soaps
Kawakawa Goats Milk Bar Frabella Soaps
Soleseife Brine Soap Bar Flower and Field
Lavender + Geranium Oatmeal Soap Bar harper & leaf
Wildflower Soap Flower and Field
100% Natural Shampoo & Conditioning bar, twin pack YOURS

Solid Beauty Bars

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