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Green Elephant

Storage & Organisers

Hand woven basket, stash bags, crochet basket, home storage baskets, organic cotton buckets, natural storage baskets, woven storage organisers....

Cup style crochet basket Suzy's Baskets
Low Basket - A Temame Green Design
Wooden tag Reusable write-on Tag made from Pine wood The Tui
Stylish Red and off white crochet basket Suzy's Baskets
Jute Table Basket Etico
purple and orange crochet basket Suzy's Baskets
Multiple-use Strorage Box Temame Green Design
Low Basket -D Temame Green Design
Blue and pink baskets Suzy's Baskets
Violet crochet basket Suzy's Baskets
Light unique orange and chocolate brown Suzy's Baskets
Wooden tag Reusable write-on tag made from Rimu wood The Tui

Storage & Organisers

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