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Green Elephant

Candles & Home Fragrance

Soy candles, soy melts, natural air freshener, incense, essential oils, wood wick candle, reed diffuser, aromatherapy blends, eco air freshener, soy tealight candles, tealight holders...

Soy Melts, made in New Zealand Little Olive Tree
Peppermint Essential Oil Into The Flax NZ New
White Tea and Ginger Wood Wick Candle La Sirene Aromatica
Coconut Pancake Candle La Sirene Aromatica
Eco-Soy Handmade Candle – Spring Cotton Etico
100% Essential Lavender Oil, 10ml SoapNuts NZ
Tealight Soy Candles (6-pack), made in New Zealand Little Olive Tree
100% Essential Eucalyptus Oil, 10ml SoapNuts NZ
100% Essential Lemon Oil, 10ml SoapNuts NZ
Aroma Flask - NZ Birds - Fantail Into The Flax NZ
Lavender Sachet. New Zealand Lavender La Sirene Aromatica
Aroma Flask - Mandala Lotus Into The Flax NZ
Scented Soy Candle, made in New Zealand Little Olive Tree
Aroma Calm Elixir La Sirene Aromatica
Lavender Essential Oil Into The Flax NZ New
Aroma Cleanse Essence. La Sirene Aromatica
Scented Tea Lights Skye Candle and Body Care
Aroma Flask - NZ Traditional Into The Flax NZ
Warm Amber & Peach Candle Camille Co.
100% Essential Peppermint Oil (Organic), 10ml SoapNuts NZ
Botanical Wax Heart Ornamemt La Sirene Aromatica
Pomegranate Noir Soy Candle La Sirene Aromatica
Eco-Soy Handmade Candle – Green Oasis Etico
Aroma Flask - NZ Paua Into The Flax NZ
Egyptian Amber Candle La Sirene Aromatica
Reed Diffuser, made in New Zealand Little Olive Tree
Aroma Flask - NZ Birds - Kiwi Into The Flax NZ
Reed Diffuser Refill Kit, made in New Zealand Little Olive Tree

Candles & Home Fragrance

Beautiful scented candles can create a mood throughout your home whether you want a relaxing sanctuary or a fresh uplifting happy place. You can choose from scented jar candles, handcrafted candles or luxury soy candles and more.

As an alternative a New Zealand made Reed Diffuser works 24 hours a day to deliver a pleasurable yet subtle fragrance for up to six months. If you need a quick burst of fragrance before guests arrive then an all natural air freshener from OurEco Home which uses a blend of essential oils will do the job nicely.

The aromatherapy blends from La Sirene Aromatica will not only smell great but also come with the benefits of essential oils to help de-stress and combat anxiety creating a tranquil atmosphere. If you like your fragrance exotic then try some of their New Zealand made hand dipped Egyptian Musk Incense.

Bring some fun and colour into your life with a funky tinned soy candle from Toodles Noodles or treat a friend to a luxury scented jar candle in a range of exotic scents from Camille Co.

The soy candles you buy online from Green Elephant are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in perfect condition and sent to you directly by our creative Vendors. We are looking to expand our range so if you make bees wax candles or natural home fragrance in an environmentally responsible way then apply to become a Vendor here.

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