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Green Elephant

Kitchen Accessories

Reusable coffee cups, compostable kitchen bin liners, FORMcard, hand printed tea towels, degradable bin liner...

5070 Ze Stripey Horse Cuppacoffeecup
Rainbow Drinking Straws - 2 Pack straight Straws Purely Natural NZ Limited
5044 Skull Candy Cuppacoffeecup
5015 Kiwilander Cuppacoffeecup
Etico Linen Tea Towel Etico
Reusable Bent Drinking Straws - Standard 4 Pack Purely Natural NZ Limited
5073 Little Warrior Girl Cuppacoffeecup
ED-2060 Compostable 60L Ecobagsnz Ltd
5068 Tinman Squares Cuppacoffeecup
Suck It Up Bamboo Straws Suck It Up Bamboo Straws
3 FORMcards in colour mix or monochrome Formcard Limited
5030 Black Kiwis Cuppacoffeecup
Reusable Cotton Netted Carry Produce bags (4 Pack) Copy Purely Natural NZ Limited
ED-2240 Compostable 240L Ecobagsnz Ltd On Sale
CaliWoods Reusable Cocktail Straws - 6 Pack + Cleaner CaliWoods Reusable Straws
ED-2021 Compostable Caddy/Bin Liners (Pack of 25) Ecobagsnz Ltd New
ED-2036 Compostable 36L Ecobagsnz Ltd
Reusable Bent Drinking Straws - Mixed 4 Pack Purely Natural NZ Limited
CaliWoods Reusable Smoothie Straws - 4 Pack + Cleaner CaliWoods Reusable Straws
Reusable Bent Drinking Straws - Smoothie 4 Pack Purely Natural NZ Limited
5067 Tinman Buzzing Cuppacoffeecup
Double Grinder and Kampot Peppercorn Giftpack Jonny ocean trading
ED-5940 60L Degradable Bin Liner Ecobagsnz Ltd
5069 Laughter - Medicine Cuppacoffeecup
Acacia Hardwood Pepper Grinder Jonny ocean trading
SP-033 Degradable 36L HD Office Bin Tidy Liner Ecobagsnz Ltd
ED-5944 80L Degradable Bin Liners with Dispenser Box Ecobagsnz Ltd
5039 Pohutukawa Fantail Cuppacoffeecup

Kitchen Accessories

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