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Green Elephant

Kitchen Accessories

Reusable coffee cups, compostable kitchen bin liners, coir dish scrub pad, hand printed tea towels, degradable bin liner, natural brushes, reusable bowl covers, eco brushware...

0002 CUPPACOFFEECUP Lid Cuppacoffeecup
Etico Linen Tea Towel Etico
5017 Pink Fantail Cuppacoffeecup
NET | Reusable Bowl Covers Rinse and Repeat New
5094 Ocean Dreamer Cuppacoffeecup
ED-2240 Compostable Wheelie Bin Liners 240L Ecobagsnz Ltd
Earthware Bamboo Straws LARGE set of 6 straws - 25cm Earthware
Extra Thick Compostable Kitchen Tidy Liner 27L-20 Bags Better Future Packaging Ltd On Sale
5088 Straight Coffee Cuppacoffeecup
5078 Rugby Road Code Cuppacoffeecup
HIPPIESTRAW Reusable COCKTAIL straws - 4 pack + Cleaner The HippieStraw
5061 Rare Specimens Cuppacoffeecup
5068 Tinman Squares Cuppacoffeecup
SP-033 Degradable 36L HD Office Bin Tidy Liner Ecobagsnz Ltd
Rimu Wood Tongs - by Forest Gourmet Forest Gourmet
5027 Kiwiana Cuppacoffeecup
The Eco Box The Natural Box
5075 Miromiro and Manuka Cuppacoffeecup
5072 Love Lis Tui Cuppacoffeecup
5069 Laughter - Medicine Cuppacoffeecup
Wooden tag Reusable write-on tag made from Rimu wood The Tui
0001 CUPPACOFFEECUP Gift Box Cuppacoffeecup
HIPPIESTRAW Reusable Rainbow Straws - 4 Pack + Cleaner The HippieStraw
ED-2060 Compostable Bin Liners 60L Ecobagsnz Ltd
ED-5968 Degradable Bin liner Medium Ecobagsnz Ltd
Kauri Wood Tongs - by Forest Gourmet Forest Gourmet
BLACK, GOLD & CROSSES TRIO | Reusable Bowl Cover Set Rinse and Repeat

Kitchen Accessories

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