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Green Elephant

Kitchen Accessories

Reusable coffee cups, compostable kitchen bin liners, FORMcard, hand printed tea towels, degradable bin liner...

Single Grinder and Peppercorn Giftpack Pepper and Pearls
HIPPIESTRAW Reusable Long Straws - 4 Pack + Cleaner The HippieStraw
5051 Stay Awesome Cuppacoffeecup
The Eco Box The Natural Box
5039 Pohutukawa Fantail Cuppacoffeecup
5019 Pohutukawa Cuppacoffeecup
Eco Bottle Brush Etico
5081 Cat Adventures Cuppacoffeecup
5082 Man Flu Cuppacoffeecup
Pohutukawa Twin Pack Bowl Food Covers Lizzies Wraps
Glass drinking straws straight - set of 2 + brush Purely Natural NZ Limited
Coir Dish Scrub Pad Etico
5030 Black Kiwis Cuppacoffeecup
Kauri Cheese Board - by Forest Gourmet Forest Gourmet
5067 Tinman Buzzing Cuppacoffeecup
Kitchen and Household Scourer UNIQA NZ
5090 Spring Wabbit Cuppacoffeecup
5074 Love Lis Bunny Cuppacoffeecup
5024 Night Creeps Up Cuppacoffeecup
Beechwood Dish Brush with replacement head Etico
5077 On The Fly Cuppacoffeecup
Rainbow Drinking Straws - 2 Pack straight Straws Purely Natural NZ Limited
5061 Rare Specimens Cuppacoffeecup
HIPPIESTRAW Reusable COCKTAIL straws - 4 pack + Cleaner The HippieStraw
HIPPIESTRAW Reusable Rainbow Straws - 4 Pack + Cleaner The HippieStraw
ED-2114 140L Compostable Wheelie Bin Liners Ecobagsnz Ltd
5015 Kiwilander Cuppacoffeecup

Kitchen Accessories

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