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Green Elephant

Kitchen Accessories

Reusable coffee cups, compostable kitchen bin liners, FORMcard, hand printed tea towels, degradable bin liner...

ED-2080 Compostable 80L Ecobagsnz Ltd
Kitchen Composter Caddy 7-8L with 30 Liners (ED-2000) Ecobagsnz Ltd
ED-5940 60L Degradable Bin Liner Ecobagsnz Ltd
5017 Pink Fantail Cuppacoffeecup
Rimu Cheese Board - by Forest Gourmet Forest Gourmet
HIPPIESTRAW Reusable Rainbow Straws - 4 Pack + Cleaner The HippieStraw
ED-2020 Compostable Bin Liner Medium (Pack of 100) Ecobagsnz Ltd
'Big daddy' 40cm Acacia Hardwood Pepper Grinder. Pepper and Pearls New
ED-2114 140L Compostable Wheelie Bin Liners Ecobagsnz Ltd
5070 Ze Stripey Horse Cuppacoffeecup
HIPPIESTRAW Reusable COCKTAIL straws - 4 pack + Cleaner The HippieStraw
Vegetable Square Scourer (Linen Range) UNIQA NZ
Acacia 'new style' hardwood Salt and pepper grinders. Pepper and Pearls New
5044 Skull Candy Cuppacoffeecup
5015 Kiwilander Cuppacoffeecup
ED-2027-H Compostable 27L Ecobagsnz Ltd
Acacia Hardwood Pepper Grinder Pepper and Pearls
HIPPIESTRAW Reusable Black Straws - 4 Pack + Cleaner The HippieStraw
5045 Elephant Cuppacoffeecup
Wooden tag Reusable write-on tag made from Rimu wood The Tui
5075 Miromiro and Manuka Cuppacoffeecup
Beechwood Dish Brush with replacement head Etico
5068 Tinman Squares Cuppacoffeecup
ED-5934 Degradable 27L HD Office Bin Tidy Liner Ecobagsnz Ltd
Reusable Bent Drinking Straws - Mixed 4 Pack Purely Natural NZ Limited
Kauri Wood Tongs - by Forest Gourmet Forest Gourmet
Rimu Wood Tongs - by Forest Gourmet Forest Gourmet

Kitchen Accessories

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