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Soapnuts, eco laundry detergent, essential oils, eco wash balls, handmade peg pouches, laundry soap balls, organic soap nut powder, oxygen bleach, natural stain remover bars.

Natural Laundry Powder Patchouli Concentrate 500g Wendyl's Green Goddess
SoapNuts Liquid 500ml EcoWarehouse
Peg Pouch | Abstract Feathers Pouch Products
Natural Laundry Powder Lavender Concentrate 500g Wendyl's Green Goddess
Lavender Essential Oil Goodsport
Recycled wood folding drying rack - the R3 Global Wood Rework
Lingerie Pouch Pouch Products
Cotton Washbags, Pack of 3 EcoWarehouse
Peg Pouch | Hessian Pouch Products
Natural Laundry Powder Citrus Concentrate 500g Wendyl's Green Goddess
Peg Pouch | Blue myriad Pouch Products
100% Essential Eucalyptus Oil, 10ml EcoWarehouse
Lavender Essential Oil Lavender Magic
100% Essential Tea Tree Oil, 10ml EcoWarehouse
Simply Laundry Kit Live Simply
Peg Pouch | Vintage Stamps Pouch Products
No-Chemical Detergent-Free Laundry (Baby Magchan) Blue SakuLab
SoapNuts Shells, 250g EcoWarehouse
Clothes Pegs - Marine Grade - Stainless Steel 316 Purely Natural NZ Limited
SoapNuts Shells, 500g EcoWarehouse
100% Essential Sweet Orange Oil (Organic), 10ml EcoWarehouse
Peg Pouch | Teal/Navy Stripe Pouch Products
Peg Pouch | Pretty Swallows Pouch Products
100% Essential Lemon Oil, 10ml EcoWarehouse
100% Essential Peppermint Oil (Organic), 10ml EcoWarehouse
CaliWoods Clothing Pegs CaliWoods Eco-Products
Recycled wood folding drying rack - the R1 Global Wood Rework
Peg Pouch | Diamonds Pouch Products


Are you looking for an effective eco friendly way to wash your clothes? Look no further – we have a range of eco laundry detergent products. From plant derived laundry detergent powders to soapnut liquids and soap nut shells you are sure to find the eco friendly laundry detergent you need.

Eco friendly laundry powders contain no chemical fillers which makes most of them “super concentrated” and they therefore usually come in much smaller pack sizes. Of course, it depends on your product choice but you may only need to use as little as a tablespoon per load. This factor alone means that on a per load basis eco laundry detergent often works out to be comparably priced……don’t be fooled by those massive boxes in the supermarket!!

With no nasty chemicals, the all natural detergents here are safe for sensitive skin or those with allergies or eczema, and they are kinder to the environment too. Whether you choose soap nuts or refillable eco laundry balls, you will have clean clothes and a green laundry room! If you like a burst of extra fragrance from your clean clothes then why not try adding a drop or two of essential oils to your washing machine.

For stubborn stains there are also earth friendly oxygen bleaches made from 100% Sodium Percarbonate and natural stain remover bars to help. And for afterwards, we have a lovely choice of handmade peg bags and peg pouches so even your washing line can look stylish!

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