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Eco multi purpose sprays, organic neem, eco friendly cleaning gels, eco air freshener, environmentally friendly cleaning products, essential oils, earth friendly dishwasher detergent, eco friendly dish cloths, eco cleaning products.

Natural Cleaning Starter Pack - Original Wendyl's Green Goddess
Antibacterial Spray Wendyl's Green Goddess
SPRUCE Eco Dishcloth | Tricky Tiki (Glenn Jones) The Green Collective
Surface Spray CaliWoods Eco-ProductsNew
Cleaning Paste 300g - Peppermint Wendyl's Green Goddess
Conscious Floor Cleaner 500ml - Cedarwood and Lime Conscious Ltd
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Stripes The Green Collective
100% Essential Peppermint Oil (Organic), 10ml EcoWarehouse
Spaghetti Scrub Eco Stuff
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Bird The Green Collective
Eco Cloth - Large (2in a pack) Good Change
Holy Basil Essential Oil (Certified Organic) 10ml It's All Good
Frangipani Fragrance Oil, 10ml EcoWarehouse
ODOURABLES Gym Bag - Bag spray It's All Good
Lime + Rosemary Dish Soap Trio harper & leaf
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Fish The Green Collective
Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil (Certified Organic) 10ml It's All Good
Bergamot Essential Oil (Certified Organic) 10ml It's All Good
Manuka Hydrosol Cleaning Spray, 500ml EcoWarehouse
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Paper Planes The Green Collective
Hand and Body Soap CaliWoods Eco-ProductsNew
Wooden Toilet Brush - All Natural Be Natural Soap
Mould Removal Kit Wendyl's Green Goddess
Natural Surface Cleaner Green Sense Natural Cleaners
Reusable Bamboo Roll (Replacement for Paper Towels) Good Change
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Red Stripe The Green Collective
Pine Essential Oil (Certified Organic) 10ml It's All Good
SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Pot Plants The Green Collective


When cleaning your home you can be exposed to a variety of unknown nasty chemicals and toxins that are harmful to you and the environment. They can also further irritate sensitive skin or those who suffer from allergies and eczema. So what can we do if we want to be green but still have our homes looking and smelling fresh and clean?

We’ve got a number of Vendors who offer a range of natural eco-friendly cleaning products to help you have both clean and safe. With all natural ingredients instead of nasty chemicals these really are environmentally-friendly cleaning products at their best. Whether you want to try a bicarb cleaning paste, an organic neem multi purpose spray or a blend of essential oils you’ll find the products you need within our pages.

From eco air freshener available in a range of natural fragrances to a selection of effective anti-bacterial disinfectant sprays you’ll discover your next cleaning solution right here. Being kinder to you and the environment doesn’t have to cost much more, so let’s get green cleaning!

If you know anybody who makes or sells great quality effective earth friendly cleaning products please let us know here. We’ll then do our best to make them part of our community.

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