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Green Elephant

Home & Garden

Home is where the heart is so make yours a Happy Home

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Home and Garden

Eco friendly home products,

SammyBag Reusable Paper Lunch Bag Etico
Concentrated Disinfectant Cleaner Lemon Myrtle 1litre EKOH
Soy Melt Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
Eco Dish Cloth Compostable Sponge Cloth Sage Artichoke EKOH On Sale
Peppermint Essential Oil Into The Flax NZ
White Organic Silk PIllowcase EcoLuxe Living
Peg Pouch | Ferns Pouch Products
Sandwich Wrap - Perennial Blue (Organic)|Beeswax Wraps Bee Green Food Wraps
PARADISE | Reusable bowl cover Rinse and Repeat
Home Change Over Kit Wendyl's Green Goddess
Eco Gesso Kit For Artists EcoWarehouse
MAVIS & GOLD | Reusable bowl cover set of 3 Rinse and Repeat
Mimosa absolute 5ml Soo's Garden Organic Skincare
Clary Sage Essential Oil (Certified Organic) 10ml It's All Good
French Market Basket - Soft Handles Etico
Card - MY GARDEN Oona New
ED-2601 Compostable Resealable Snack Bags Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
ED-1003 Home Compostable Cling Wrap Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
Natural Laundry Powder Patchouli Concentrate Wendyl's Green Goddess
Waxed Canvas Tote Bag Large Mutipurpose Bag EKOH
ED-2027 Biodegradable & Compostable Bin Liners 27L Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
25 X EP-S11 Small Punched Out Handle Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
Fresh Produce Mesh Bags, Large Pack (4 bags) EcoWarehouse
ECO-FOOLSCAP Compostable Courier bags (Pack of 25) Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
Canacare 100% Wool Pillow Medium firmness and support Cana Care
Stainless Steel Popsicle and Ice Cream Moulds (x6) with EcoWarehouse
Cotton Reusable Pantry & Food Storage Bag 6Pk 3 Sizes EKOH
Card - Hibiscus Oona New

Home and Garden

Choose something good, safe and unique for your home and your family. You can save money on your energy bills, reduce your waste or have fewer harmful chemicals in and around your home. We are bringing together eco friendly products for your home that you’ll love including homewares and furniture, smart electrical, clever composting solutions and safer laundry and eco-friendly cleaning products.

If you know of a business that creates products for the home or garden full of style but designed with sustainability in mind then we would love to talk to them. Suggest them as a Green Elephant Vendor here.

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