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Green Elephant

Home & Garden

Home is where the heart is so make yours a Happy Home

Home and Garden

Eco friendly home products,

CompostZing bokashi mix -value pack ZingBokashi
SpraySafe 140ml Personal Spray Bottle SpraySafe
5 bag Combo Deal with Pouch Kateri
Reusable Organic Drawstring Produce bags (4 Pack) Purely Natural NZ Limited
ED-2092 Large Compostable Punched Handle (Pack of 50) Ecobagsnz Ltd New
5082 Man Flu Cuppacoffeecup
Coconut Bowl - Natural Purely Natural NZ Limited
ED-2240 Compostable 240L Ecobagsnz Ltd
DIY Beeswax Wrap Kits - 5 Piece - BWKR10 MOVE2ECO LIMITED
Copper Water Bottle Blue Gold Back to basics New Zealand New
ECV-08 Canvas Promotional bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
Biarittz Turkish Towel - Raspberry Etico
ED-2000 7L Caddy Liner Ecobagsnz Ltd
EP-L11 Large Punched Out Handle Ecobagsnz Ltd
Lime & Grapefruit essential oils Tin soy candle Soo's Garden Natural Skincare
Dinosaurs Lunch Pack | Beeswax Wraps Lizzies Wraps New
HIPPIESTRAW Reusable Black Straws - 4 Pack + Cleaner The HippieStraw
SpraySafe 320ml 2 Pack + FREE 30ml Travel Safe Bottle SpraySafe
Toilet Bowl Cleaner OurEco Home NZ
Piha Organic Pestamel - Marine Etico
50 X EP-SOS2 Lightweight Paper Bag Ecobagsnz Ltd
Kiwi Camping Beeswax Bag | Snack and Sandwich Lizzies Wraps
Big Flat - Swallows (Organic) | Beeswax Wraps Bee Green Food Wraps
Floor Cleaner OurEco Home NZ
Tropical Beeswax Bag | Snack and Sandwich Lizzies Wraps
EJ-209 Jute Supermarket Bag Cream With Black Gusset Ecobagsnz Ltd
Cute Upcycled Book Bunting - Colours Are Nice Whimsy
Diana French Crochet Bag La Sirene Aromatica

Home and Garden

Choose something good, safe and unique for your home and your family. You can save money on your energy bills, reduce your waste or have fewer harmful chemicals in and around your home. We are bringing together products for your home that you’ll love including homewares and furniture, smart electrical, clever composting solutions and safer laundry and eco-friendly cleaning products.

If you know of a business that creates products for the home or garden full of style but designed with sustainability in mind then we would love to talk to them. Suggest them as a Green Elephant Vendor here.

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