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Body Moisturiser

Aotearoad Pina Colada + Zinc Body Moisturiser 60g Aotearoad
Ama Vegan Body Bar - Hydrate Solid Moisturiser Ama Balm
Ama Body Bar - Hydrate Solid Moisturiser Ama Balm
Ama Vegan Body Bar - Moisturise Solid Moisturiser Ama Balm
Kawakawa Face Lotion Kara Kawa
Muscle Blend Body Oil Halwyn Holistics
"Nutty-Coco Lavender-Loco" - Whipped Body Butter Nudi Point
Aotearoad Body Moisturiser Stick Rose + Vanilla 60g Aotearoad
Body Butter GreenMe Ltd
"Hazelnut & Vanilla Sundae" - Whipped Body Butter Nudi Point
Natural Cellulite Cream Hathor Fusion
Body Butter - Lemon Myrtle Etico
Pure New Zealand Lanolin - EP Grade (jars): 100g NZ Naturally
Pure New Zealand Lanolin Oil - EP Grade: 100ml NZ Naturally
Lake Ferry Lady Body Silk MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Purely Essential Body Bliss Moisturizer 120ml PURELYESSENTIAL
Hand Cream - Bergamot & Clary Sage Etico
Lavender Gift Pack Myself Skincare Ltd
Tora Temptress Body Butter - Lemongrass & Sweet Orange MARTYGIRL SKINFOOD
Pure New Zealand Lanolin - Raw (jars): 100g NZ Naturally
Aotearoad Body Moisturiser stick Lemon + Lime 60g Aotearoad
Sweet as Balms - Everything Myself Skincare Ltd
Nourishing & Hydrating Body & massage oil (Organic) It's All Good
Little Dragon Baby Oil 120ml Naturally Fabulous
100% Natural Body Moisturising bar YOURS
"Coco-nutty Lemon-grassy" - Whipped Body Butter Nudi Point

Body Moisturiser

Make natural body moisturisers part of your daily routine to keep your skin hydrated and looking tip top. Feed your skin the best that nature has to offer knowing that by choosing natural ingredients you’ll be looking after yourself and the environment too. The products we offer are mostly handcrafted here in New Zealand and only ever tested on willing humans! 

Whether you prefer a body lotion, body butter, body bar or body oil you’ll find plenty of choice in flavours that are sure to delight. You won’t find any of the synthetic ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin or eczema which are often seen in conventional body lotions. Instead you’ll find goodies like hempseed, coconut oil, shea butter and almond oil blended by hand to work in harmony with your body.

For that luxury feeling when your skin is feeling dehydrated feed your skin the moisture it craves with one of our natural body oils. They are made with pure ingredients that are easily absorbed by the skin to provide intense and lasting hydration. If you’ve got the time and a willing partner they can also double up as an excellent massage oil!

Once you’ve chosen from our natural body moisturisers take a look at our Skincare collection. There you’ll discover matching organic and natural moisturisers for your face, hands and feet that have been sustainably produced for you to enjoy.


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