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Green Elephant

Food & Drink

You are what you eat so Eat Well

Food and Drink

Ocean & Green 100%NZ Marine Collagen Supplements Oceangreen Organics
4 x Green Zenbags - Made from 3 x Plastic Bottles Zenbags Ltd
5017 CUPPACOFFEECUP Pink Fantail Just Great Design
Stylish Yet Practical Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
String & Canvas Base Tote Back to basics New Zealand
EC-51 Fairtrade Organic Cotton Tote Bag Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
Organic Haritaki Powder 250g greentrading
Carry-all Dragonfly Bag (turquoise) Artyfacts Design
Sew Good Sandwich bag Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
5051 CUPPACOFFEECUP Stay Awesome Just Great Design
Set of 3-Kiwiana| Beeswax Wraps Bee Green Food Wraps
Manuka Honey Hunt and Gather Bee Co
ECO-KR-1 Resealable Kraft Paper Pouches-Set of 25 Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
ECO-TR-4 Resealable Transparent Pouches-Set of 50 Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags - 4 Pack Floreco
Organic Kamahi Honey TranzAlpineHoney New Zealand
ECV-08 Canvas Promotional bag Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
Carry-all Butterfly Bag (mauve) Artyfacts Design
5019 CUPPACOFFEECUP Pohutukawa Just Great Design
Sew Good Lunch Bag Pack (3 Lunch bags) Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
Luxury Cotton Shopping Bag - 100% Biodegradable Simply Jute Ltd
Zenbag Green Zenbags Ltd
Organic Cotton Shopping Bag - 100% Biodegradable Simply Jute Ltd
Eco-Set-01 Zero Waste Grocery Set Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
ENW-444 Set of 10x Non-Woven Gift Bags Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
Carry-all Butterfly Bag (pink) Artyfacts Design
Organic Manuka Honey Sachets MG300+ TranzAlpineHoney New Zealand
Organic Honey & Cacao TranzAlpineHoney New Zealand

Food and Drink

Food as nature intended. Trust our Vendors to tell you all the ingredients they use and to only put things into their products that need to be there. You’ll find organic ingredients, real natural flavours and no artificial preservatives.

We are on the lookout for food and drink products that ship well and have all ‘natural’ attributes or meet the needs of speciality diets (eg; Vegan, Kosher, Paleo, etc). Think of raw or whole foods, honey, oils (including flax seed, hemp and coconut), coffee, chocolate and nuts – just to start with!! If you know a business selling or producing these kind of products and you’d like to see them on the marketplace click here to suggest a Vendor.

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