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Green Elephant


Natural and ethical designs for you to wear Looking Good


Sustainable clothing, organic clothing, fair trade clothing, eco clothing, ethical clothing....

Macrocarpa Square Studs DD Wood Art and Signs
Hemp Hat - Flat Brim - Grey Enkindler.
Carry-all Dragonfly Bag (turquoise) Artyfacts DesignNew
Raspberry Lampwork Glass Bag Charm La Sirene Aromatica
Angel Aura Quartz Bracelet La Sirene Aromatica
Eco Silver 2 Way Leaf Lariat Necklace Curlicue NZ
Wooden Sunglasses - Classic - Grey Lens Enkindler.
ED-2089 Small Compostable Punched Handle (Pack of 50) Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
Custom Printed Eco Friendly Tote Bags Eco Friendly Products NZ
Cat tail tote bag Back to basics New Zealand
Eco Art Bag - Dragonfly (turquoise) Artyfacts Design
Hemp Hat - Curved Brim - Natural Enkindler.
Chrysoprase Seahorse Bracelet La Sirene Aromatica
Wooden Sunglasses - Zephyr Vilo
Eco Silver 2 Way Large Leaf Earrings Curlicue NZ
Repurposed Milk Bottle Feather Earrings Curlicue NZ
Zero Waste Shopping Starter Kit Eco Stuff
Lemon Lampwork Glass Bag Charm La Sirene Aromatica
Wooden Sunglasses - Canyon Vilo
Snowflake Obsidian Diffuser Bracelet La Sirene Aromatica
Natural Eco-Tree Jute Shopping Bag - 100% Biodegradable Simply Jute Ltd
Light Amethyst Pendant La Sirene Aromatica
Maneki Neko Bag Charm La Sirene Aromatica
Natural Foldable Jute Shopping Bag - 100% Biodegradable Simply Jute Ltd
Eco Silver Layer Ring with Spiral Wrapped Black Pearl Curlicue NZ
Organic Cotton Shopping Bag - 100% Biodegradable Simply Jute Ltd
ECV-18OF Fairtrade Organic Canvas Natural Tote Bag Ecobags and Ecopack NZ
Aventurine Bracelet La Sirene Aromatica


Dress for more than just success in designs that are safe and soft next to your skin. Think ethical, maybe organic or hand woven but always stylish and comfortable.

You can discover so many beautiful items, from dresses and trousers, to shirts and coats, ethical vegan shoes or perhaps a new fashion tote. Whether your looking for a new organic t-shirt or a recycled messenger bag you’ll find what you need right here. We also have a range of accessories including Fair Trade jewellery, organic handwoven scarves, bags, sustainable phone cases and more.

We are on the lookout for clothing, jewellery and accessories that are not only chic but have also been made with thought and care for the wearer, the workers and the world. If there’s a business that springs to mind when you read this then suggest them as a Green Elephant Vendor.

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