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Welcome to the Green Elephant Blog!
We love all things sustainable, healthy & ethical and this is the place where we put our latest discoveries for sustainable living. Here you will find our thoughts on healthy & ethical products we love, Vendors we love who are focused on caring for people and the environment and generally helpful and interesting information to help you care for the earth and live an eco friendly life.
So, here’s to sustainable, healthy and ethical living! Enjoy.

10 Winning Organic Garden Pest Control Methods

If you have ever attempted to grow vegetables, the chances are that you have also experienced the disappointment and frustration of seeing your plants and cr...
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5 Easy Things to do This Year That Make a Difference

Do you normally think about or make resolutions every time a new year rolls around..?? The dawning of an entirely new year and a clean page in a pristine bla...
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Believe in the Beauty

This is Sonia in her Christchurch workshop where she creates pieces of jewellery made from sustainable materials – think recycled, repurposed, ethically so...
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Easy Peasy Cookie Mix in a Jar Gift

I love to give homemade gifts and I'm always on the hunt for new ideas to try!! I've seen a lot of 'jar-mixes' around this year, and they look fantastic but...
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Snow at Christmas, Sherry Trifle and Dish Soap

Lesley is a busy mum, nurse and small business owner. She cooks a full roast dinner on Christmas Day (at the insistence of her family...!!) and there's alway...
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Annus Horribilis, Balancing the Books and World Peace

What was the most challenging thing you’ve had to manage in 2020?? Making sure we had enough raw materials to make our products!! Jewel is from China so we...
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Tiramisu, Travel and the Importance of Relationships

What was the most challenging thing you’ve had to manage in 2020?? Not being able to visit my mother or my daughter during the lockdown. Talking on the pho...
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New Baby, New House, Being Thankful and Kiwiana for the Win!!

What was the most challenging thing you’ve had to manage in 2020?? Well, we unexpectedly bought a new house just weeks before our fourth baby arrived. Demi...
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Health & Wellbeing

This is where you’ll find all things ‘Healthy Living’. We're talking about diet, exercise, mindfulness, sleep, relationships and more. We take a holist...


Natural Beauty

We’re here to help guide you through the do’s and don’ts of natural beauty. A lot of skincare is full of harmful chemicals but we'll help you understan...


Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is all about reducing our impact on the environment whilst still having fun! Here, you’ll find lots of tried and tested hints and tips i...


Your Healthy Home

Creating a healthy home environment can have a positive impact on you and your family. Using non toxic cleaning products and reducing the number of chemicals...


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