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Hi !

My name is Tina and I am a holistic dermal therapist. I specialise in helping people rebalance their skin through topical skin care, nutritional and wellbeing advice.

The range of products here on Green Elephant are some of our basics here at The Still Room. A good skin care regime should include a core base range of products ( a good cleanser, toner, exfoliant and moisturiser ) of which you can then add other specialty products ( mask, serum etc ).

I cultivated this range to ensure that my clients received exactly what their skin needed. A good cleanser that can be used quickly in the shower or in the evening over a basin, a cleanser that doesnt stip the skin of natural oils and removes make up efficiently Our exfoliant removes not only dead skin cells but flushes the pores and refines the skin texture. The Regenerative Toner not only cleanses the skin, but hydrates and brightens. The Rose Cream, is made freshly for you ( by me ) and I ensure that your skin cells receive the exact quantities of ingredients that feed your skin cells encouraging skin renewal.

I have worked with skin at my own clinic in Auckland for 17 years now and these basics are tried and true. We offer holistic, natural, well being focused services that harmonise the mind, body and soul in order to bring the body back into balance. Your skin is a living organ, and everyone is different.

For this reason we offer you a FREE skin advice via social media or email.  Just PM me and I will be happy to offer support with any questions you have

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