About The Green Seed

Since we became vegans, we realised how challenging it is to find cruelty free products, free from food additives or “natural flavours”. That is why we decided to create The Green Seed, a company whose products are ethically true to the label, high in nutritients and made from the purest organic ingredients.

Our products are sourced with organic and vegan ingredients, rich in vitamins, minerals and very importantly, free from food additives and unpronounceable chemicals. Instead of using any kind of “natural flavours” that can be addictive and unhealthy, we use the ultimate superfood powers of plants, such as seeds, fruits, berries, herbs and spices that are a great benefit to human’s health and are easily identifiable by our customers upon reading the labels.We procure to design our products with a generous variety of superfoods, so don’t be surprised when you find a lot of superfoods in one package!

We aspire for a continued growth of good values and wisdom, we enjoy being able to source our products to an ever growing market of health concious individuals, we love like minded people and the feedback from our customers is been such a rewarding experience and a valued asset to our business.

Our goal is to meet our customers needs, help the animals and the environment by manufacturing and providing all exclusively vegan products, we are here ready to listen.

Stay tuned because we have more products to be introduced!

Products from The Green Seed