Product Reviews

  • GOODIE BAGS - reusable produce bags

    This is my second set of bags they are fantastic for many purposes. They wear and wash well. Thank you.

    - E, 3/4/2021
  • GOODIE BAGS - reusable produce bags

    They stretch! And they look totally awesome. Great for nuts etc at the bulk foods store. And did I mention they look great??

    - HJ, 8/6/2020
  • SPRUCE Dishcloth: Botanical designs (2 choices)

    Gorgeous designs and very practical too!! Love these cloths - 5*

    - GB, 15/1/2020
  • SPRUCE Dishcloth: Fruity designs (1 choice)

    These are such great cloths!! Work like magic on my granite bench tops with no streaks and they're perfect for washing up too.

    - GB, 15/1/2020
  • GOODIE BAGS - reusable produce bags

    Fantastic bags!! Well made, lovely colours and stretchy too so you can fit lots in them.

    - GB, 15/1/2020
  • SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Green Orb

    Holding up to the task so far. Loved the card with some helpful tips.

    - TM, 26/11/2019
  • SUPER SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Spots

    I love this dishcloth - the best one I have ever had!

    - bm, 21/9/2018
  • GOODIE BAGS - reusable produce bags

    Particularly good for onion storage.

    - LD, 11/9/2018
  • GOODIE BAGS - reusable produce bags

    Really handy, amazing how they stretch, I already want to buy more

    - SB, 18/8/2018
  • SPRUCE Biodegradable Dishcloth | Pohutakawa

    Spruce is great! I love the desgn and the product lives up to it's hype!

    - KT, 17/7/2018
  • GOODIE BAGS - reusable produce bags

    I bought these sets of goodie bags as gifts as I already have some of my own and find them so useful and convenient. They draw a lot of interest from other supermarket shoppers.

    - RB, 17/1/2018
  • GOODIE BAGS - reusable produce bags

    Awesome service and great product. Thanks!

    - AG, 12/10/2016
  • SPRUCE Dishcloth

    These dish cloths perform very well - they dry work tops much better than other cloths. I love the patterns but would prefer them to be about twice the size.

    - AF, 10/8/2016
  • SPRUCE Dishcloth

    Nice product but REALLY small size, not what I was expecting for the price

    - JL, 15/6/2016
  • LOOT BAGS - ORGANIC COTTON reusable bags

    These bags are beautiful, practical and ethical - they have really helped my partner and I on our zero waste journey! They make bulk shopping a fun and aesthetically pleasing experience! Would definitely recommend :)

    - N, 20/2/2016