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Stellar Padz came about due to the unfortunate event of medical misadventure. Stellar Padz creator needed a hysterectomy due to endometrial cancer at the age of 29. When surgery was performed the surgeon accidentally sutured her bowel twice, causing it to perforate! Needless to say there were many more corrective surgeries including one colostomy and thankfully a colostomy reversal to follow. During this time you can imagine the pain and discomfort that followed. Bleeding from the bowel, discomfort when sitting and many hemorrhoids later. An alternative to using disposables was sought due to trying to get comfortable, help prevent messy situations and of course being as environmentally friendly as possible was important also. After many trial and errors (oh yes, there were some embarrassing ones!) the Stellar Padz was created and one bottom was at least a little more comfortable to sit on.

After much thought and research we decided we wanted to share our product with you. Lets face it, our monthlies aren’t exactly the most fun thing to anticipate and why not try to make this time a little more comfortable for ourselves if we can? Remember though whatever absorbency level of pad may work for you may not be right for someone else, example: med/mod maybe a heavy to another and vice versa. That’s why we suggest buying one or two single padz first so you can try them out and if you decide a cloth pad is not for you, you haven’t wasted a huge amount of money (we’re all about helping the expenses on your purse strings also). Cloth padz are changed just like you would a disposable. Every 2 -4 hours or when you feel necessary.

Once  Stellar Padz was created there was no turning back to disposables for the Stellar Padz creator. The options of patterned fabrics were endless and it became fun to try and find funky/pretty fabrics to purchase. The best part about wearing the new creation was just how comfortable it really is. It felt just like wearing your normal underwear because the padz are made from cloth, not sweaty bunched up plastics and adhesives that  occasionally stick to all the “wrong” areas.

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