Product Reviews

  • SpraySafe Combo Pack + FREE 30ml Travel Safe Bottle

    Great product thank you. I have sensitive skin to most products but this one doesn't irritate. Recommended :D

    - MT, 26/11/2019
  • SpraySafe 320ml Easy Spray Bottle

    I love this product. I bought it so that I could clean makeup from around my eyes without anything toxic. Not only that but I’ve used it on cuts and while sick I used it as a nasal spray which has been amazingly effective. I’ve been putting about 30mls into my cats water to see if it has any effect in his sneezing and I’m taking 30 mls a day myself. I also am using it as a throat spray because of its antibacterial properties. So far I’ve seen improvements that for years I haven’t been able to achieve. Now I wish I had ordered the 3 pack. I’ve raves about this to my friends and so we will be ordering a 3 pack soon and dividing it between us. You couldn’t get a more happier customer than me thank you so much ?

    - VC, 18/8/2019
  • SpraySafe Combo Pack + FREE 30ml Travel Safe Bottle

    Totally loving this product. Fantastic price and very speedy delivery. It will now live permanently in my home

    - SC, 12/9/2018