About SakuLab

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SakuLab is a company that aims to facilitate the exchange of sustainable solutions (products and technologies) between Japan and New Zealand. We are focused on three main areas: Lifestyle, Environment and Health.

We believe a sustainable society is a society where beautiful things remain beautiful. A society where precious things remain for a long time. A society where value evaluation of diverse things is natural. We are committed to challenging our society to become a “Sustainable Society.”

What does Sakulab Mean?

Saku / 咲く (Japanese, verb). “to bloom, to blossom”

Lab (English, noun). Short form of laboratory “a place to discover and create new ideas” / “a place providing opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study”

Our goal is to help facilitate the exchange of ideas and solutions which help society blossom, in order to create a sustainable future.

Products from SakuLab