About My Vita Bag

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Cecilia - My Vita Bag CEO and Founder

My Vita Bag has worked really hard to bring you a sustainable solution to plastic bags for your produce. Our bags are ethically made from 100% certified organic cotton designed to last you many years.

The bags can be used in the fridge and are machine washable. The muslin bags will help keep your produce fresher in the fridge and are also great for bulk foods like nuts, seeds and grains.

Cecilia Clavijo, is the CEO and founder of My Vita Bag. She is a mum of three gorgeous boys who challenge her thinking and actions with their innocent questions and observations. Her children are her constant reminder of the things that gives life meaning and things that are worth protecting.

Cecilia’s hope for My Vita Bag to help NZ and our planet become a better place for our children to live in today and in the years to come.




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