About Munch NZ

Munch grew out of an Award winning cookbook by Anna and her optimism to grow a company that essentially had three aspects to it;

  1. Sustainable ‘Motherhood’ workforce
  2. Eco-friendly, unique products with strong design elements
  3. Strong advocates for our children

We have grown rapidly and our online mag  is now the number one site for parents to find ideas and information on food for kids and babies in New Zealand.  Click here to view.

Sustainable workforce

All parts of Munch are touched by mums wanting to contribute to a sustainable idea. Many tasks at Munch are done by a New Zealand mum at home. There are so many talented mums that want ‘work to fit around their children’ rather than having their ‘children fit around work’.  We are flexible and collaborative with all our mums as traditional work structures just don’t fit with us.  Munch is by parents for parents.

Eco friendly, unique products with strong design elements

We make and market mainly eco friendly products ranging from breast feeding products to lunchboxes and more. The products we make are what we call ‘issue based products’. Not that there are problems/issues with them but rather that they try to raise an issue. For example our Munch Litter-less lunchwraps help to raise the issue on encouraging our kids to have ‘Waste free’ lunchboxes and the issues around the damage to the environment that plastic causes. The products that we make also attempt to use all natural and biodegradable components. If they are not, at least they are reusable.  Also beauty is important and we believe products need strong beautiful design elements which we hope you enjoy.  Many of our products are made locally by mums in their homes.

We also market products that we love and many of our Munch mum reviewers offer fantastic reviews that you can read about here under Munch Loves.     We also run frequent product giveaways on our Facebook page.

Advocacy- Stand up

We love delving into issues that confront the health of our children. We run the Munch Awards each year to raise awareness of the good and the bad in the kids food industry. Read more here.

We also believe it would be great to have a world with out plastic. Read more about some of the issues we are involved in under ‘Stand up’.   Linking private and public entities is vital to assisting change and we work hard maintaining our varied relationships, for example Auckland University often provide us posts relating to recent research.

We also have a strong fundraising arm whereby we offer ‘ethical fundraising’ – child lead, local, community focused, considers the environment, educational and fun.  Read more hear.

We like to work from the heart and one that has children at the center of it. Too many companies do not look long term and do not really think about how they can contribute to communities and the environment. We try our hardest to reach our ideals.

We hope you enjoy our products and help us to contribute to a more sustainable world.

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