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Move2eco is a family operated business based in Leeston, Canterbury, New Zealand.

We created the name move2eco because we want to encourage people to move over to more sustainable, eco friendly, non- synthetic chemical alternatives to replace some of their everyday  items.

As we are passionate about our planet we believe that every household should have the option of choosing more environmental products.

Our products are either reusable, environmental, biodegradable, organic, recyclable, natural,  palm oil free, cruelty free, nut free* and have vegan options where possible.

We also aim to get people to “ditch the plastic” as

“every little change makes a difference”

Our soaps bars, shampoo bars and balms are created by hand using a fabulous selection of natural raw plant based oils, butters, essential oil, coffee, chocolate, herbs and spices to nourish and care for your body – no nasties in these amazing bars!

We mainly use a hot process for our soaps which is a great advantage as they can be used basically straight away. The best thing about this process is that the essential oils are added at the end giving the soap a long lasting aroma.

The beeswax we use for our eco food wraps and kits is locally sourced here in Canterbury.

We do not have a physical shop and believe selling online is the way forward.

We pass on savings on overhead costs directly to you, and you won’t need to drive around to buy your products.

We work to deliver prompt and efficient customer services.

Packaging for our products sold online is with paper, cardboard and compostable courier bags, no plastic!

So welcome, come on in and browse our shop, take time to read our blogs, share with friends and family who would love to move2eco.

keep smiling


Dee Butcher

Creator & Owner


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