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Menstrual Cups are small bell sized devices used by women during their period. There is no need to dispose of the cup as it lasts ten years with proper care.


Moraka Menstrual Cups are a safer, healthier, and Eco- friendly option for your period. Menstrual cups provide comfort and a more convenient way to handle your period. My mission is to make menstrual cups more accessible around the world. Our mission is to sell sustainable, affordable and cost efficient menstrual cups. We also want to reduce period poverty (a concept used to describe females who cannot afford sanitary products) and break the stigma of periods in our society.

Menstrual cups will discontinue the issue of buying products each month and saving over $4500 over ten years.  Our menstrual cups are the most one of the most affordable on the market. No more spending unnecessary prices on disposable sanitary products. Make a small change that has a big impact!


Benefits of a Menstrual Cup

Sustainable- last ten years

Eco friendly- reusable

Easy to clean

Saves you thousands of dollars


Made from quality medical grade silicone

Can last 4-8 hours without changing.

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