About Mipuchi New Zealand

Delight in our luxurious unisex range of playful natural scents for dogs; artisanally blended by hand with natural botanicals and aromatherapy-grade ingredients.

The signature New Zealand ingredients incorporated into every Mipuchi fragrance provide a complex and uniquely refreshing scent of pure New Zealand.  And because we love dogs as much as you love yours, we never use alcohol in our fragrances. We only ever use 100% plant-based products and oils to ensure your best friend’s safety.
No alcohol, parabens, sulphates or harmful chemicals.

The ingredients of New Zealand. – Pure and simple.

Isolated and untouched from the rest of the world, New Zealand has been blessed with a spectacular landscape and an abundance of unique and native flora.  And it is from this pristine land with crystal clear blue skies, snow-capped mountains and glacial lakes, that Mipuchi sources the very best of New Zealand’s signature ingredients.

Don’t let alcohol become a problem for your best friend.

We never use alcohol in our fragrances, so you’ll never get a whiff of that and neither will your best friend.
That’s because once alcohol-based perfumes are applied they start to evaporate, causing moisture to be drawn from your dog’s skin and hair – potentially causing dryness and irritation.
Which is why we blend Mipuchi fragrances by hand using 100% plant-based products and oils to ensure your best friend’s safety. Our patented natural formulas provide a protective film containing moisturising ingredients, which also contribute to a shiner coat and assist in making combing easier.

Not to mention the fetching and luxurious signature scents of pure New Zealand.

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