Hi, I called my skinfood range Martygirl after the gorgeous small wine village  Martinborough, in the Wairarapa. Each of the over twenty labels are named after local geographical locations and fabulous women and men, and the labels also have different colours.

I harvest weeds, herbs and botanicals from the roadside, a friends organic farm and use our own bee hives on our 1100 acre farm for beeswax, pollen and Active Manuka Honey. I also have a sensually shaped Copper Alembic still that I use to make 90% alcohol for my tinctures, glycerites and hydrosols from; lavender, olive leaves, chickweed, plantain, rosemary, rose petals and elderflower – just to name a few. I love to use what’s local and seasonal!

My big love is recycling, Local customers can bring back their glass pots and bottles to me and they either get a $5 discount or a free Martygirl product yearly.

Workshops seem to be a much bigger part of my small business than I ever dreamed of which I run at local schools and colleges, hens parties, and women’s weekends! The teachers from the schools get the girls to bring in one of their mothers products and we google the ingredients – the girls are fascinated. Then we make a lip balm and a coconut oil scrub.

I did a year long business class which was very interesting and taught me to look at Martygirl from my customers point of view and from the inside, me looking at what they might want from their product.

I won a national business award, Solo Meo, recognising me; the person that does absolutely everything including picking the weeds, infusing in oil or my still, marketing, filling the pots, ordering ingredients, paying for them and then reconciling for the bank and accountant!

I also run an active social media fb page with promotions, blogs and information. I did natural skincare classes with a sort of white witch who taught me the powerful healing properties of the plants I use in every product!

My customers love the healing, soothing benefits they receive from my products which I think is because I just love my job and the love and passion I put into each pot or bottle of Martygirl reflects in the end results.


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