About La Sirene Aromatica

Natural and organic parfums, aromatic eco-luxe soy candles and organic skincare. Olfactory region, the part of your brain that detects smell, and limbic system are linked instantaneously. Sense of smell is tied to memory and places, aromas can evoke memories, scent is the most unconscious representation of our memory.

La Sirene Aromatica artisan parfums and organic aromatherapy synergy blends are blended in New Zealand with heart and soul of high quality essential oils, absolutes and bio dynamic ingredients which awaken and adorn the aura. Organic aromatic perfumes which are medicine for your mind body and soul.

Environmentally friendly and ethically harvested ingredients. Certified organic and wild crafted healing essential oils, carefully blended with botanical organic herbs. Based on simplicity and thoughtful preparation with the intention to soothe and heal. Soy wax is cleaner burning than paraffin which is made with petroleum.  GM free, and kosher. Cruelty Free.

Aromatherapy balms and salves blended with Essential Therapeutics essential oils. Quality ingredients, sunflower wax, rosehip, virgin coconut and virgin olive oil.

Products from La Sirene Aromatica

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By La Sirene Aromatica
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By La Sirene Aromatica