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100% Organic Hemp Sprouting Bag

The I lov Sprouts team are made up of two long term friends who have been crossing the Tasman to for many years to be part of each other’s life, and are now collaborating in bringing the I lov Sprout Pouch to the shores of New Zealand.


The I lov Sprout Pouch is made from 100% Organic Hemp and has been designed by Rah Poolman and made in Australia, as a way to grow optimal, nutrient dense sprouts in warm humid conditions. Rah is a nutritionist and start this brand under Smiling Sprouts.


It’s unique design means it’s easy to use anywhere. You can have travel sprouts on the go, from car, bus, boat or simply at home inside or out of the fridge. Just rinse and hang to dry and you are on your way.


The aeration of the fabric, allows the sprouts to drain well, while still keeping the sprouts moist and in a soft, shaded environment to promote optimal growth.


The I lov Sprouts Pouch can increase the life span of sprouts while also keeping them crunchy and fresh and can be used for nut milks and food storage.


The greatest thing about this pouch is it is made from 100% Organic Hemp. It is a great alternative for plastic and glass sprouters which create mould and condensation, and in turn effect your sprout nutrition.

Plastic and glass sprouters can are fiddly to use, and can break easily, adding to the worlds waste problems.

The sprout pouch at the end of it’s life can easily be composted in your garden or under a fruit tree.


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