About Holly View Creative

Holly View Creative was started when my eyes were opened to how wasteful out lives can be. I looked back at a time gone by that reused and made do. My grandparents lived in a house called Holly View and I thought that would be the perfect name for my craft business. My focus is sustainability and upcycling second hand fabric, for example my peg bags are made with second hand fabric with a wooden hanger. No plastic!
Each year I think of way to help reduce waste and use my off cuts into new creations so I have no waste.

I believe in little steps, little changes to our everyday lives that can make a big difference. Using a reusable bag for your shopping, hanging your washing out to dry, putting your gift in a gift bag or choosing a non-plastic toy. All these things can be the start of a better future for our children.
Much love to you all.


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