About Good Creations

Hi!  I’m Sarah – green-fingered yoga teacher, seeker of happiness and believer that we can make our world more awesome through simple changes including the way we shop.

If you’re still reading, you likely share my view that we’ve given our world a hard time in recent years and in doing so, have created some challenges that it’s now time we solve.

I also hope like me, you believe in our world’s amazing resilience and in our ability to find solutions by doing things a little differently than before. Such as choosing products and services produced sustainably over those that are not.

This is where Good Creations hopes to help.  We seek out products that maximise positive outcomes for communities and the environment, while minimising the negatives. This means you can trust that the production methods and ingredients of what you buy from us are sustainable, high-quality and gorgeously good.



Products from Good Creations