About EKOH

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EKOH is an acronym for Every Kind Of Happy - Say it echo

Our mission is to offer alternatives and help anyone wanting to make better choices, from the cleaning brands you support & the products you buy for you, the family, your home & pets.

We want the world to be a happier, kinder and healthier place for all living things.

EKOH wants to be part of the solution & not part of the problem when it comes to choosing products to clean your home and family.
We all need to keep our homes clean, our families safe & healthy & our pets washed. Let’s choose to do it sustainably & responsibly ūüôā

At EKOH, we set an objective to solve this challenge. We have three main goals:

  • ¬†to provide¬†trusted¬†shopping and cleaning options that¬†save time
  • ¬†positively contribute to our world and the¬†habits¬†(step by step) of anyone shopping for home & body essentials
  • Eco-friendly¬†alternatives¬†that don’t cost the earth.

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