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Be The Change You’d Like To See In The World

The time has truly come to break away from our addiction to petrochemicals, with all the harm they cause to ourselves and our environment.

The thing to understand about petrochem oils is that they are generally made from the paraffinic fractions of crude oil. Paraffin does biodegrade over long periods of time in the environment but has very poor lubricating properties, so chemical additives are added to give petrochem lubricating oils their needed lubricating properties. These chemical additives are very toxic and endure in the environment.

Plant-based oils on the other hand have very good lubricating properties naturally. Eco Fix Oil takes advantage of these intrinsically good lubricating properties. Our trade-secret refining processes lower the viscosity and polarize the oil molecules to make the oil tack onto and penetrate into mechanical moving parts better and enhance the oils’ cleaning, lubricating, corrosion inhibiting and corrosion removing properties, where it is needed the most.

Our processes produce very pure and refined oils, which are tailored to give the most ideal characteristics to each of our products.

We carefully select the source oils we use, which are predominantly New Zealand grown Rapeseed and Sunflower Oils. We do not use any Palm source oils.

As well as being non-toxic, safe to use and sustainable; our products outperform their petrochemical counterparts in both functionality and longevity.


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