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  • ED-8009 Degradable Fresh Produce Bags

    I love these bags! Fabulous , thanks Green Elephant!

    - KH, 15/8/2019
  • 50 X EP-CHK20 Checkout Bags – Large

    Excellent product.

    Efficient service and delivery.

    Will be back

    - JH, 7/8/2019
  • EC-04 Cotton Tote Bag With Gusset

    I gave it to my lovely niece as a thank you for a truly superb holiday my husband and I had with her in Nelson. I had photos of her beloved cats printed on the bag which will delight her beyond words. Should've taken photos of the bag to post in this review as it was amazing.

    - JN, 24/5/2019
  • ED-2023 Compostable Checkout Bag Large (Pack of 100)

    Fits perfectly into my rubbish bin under my kitchen bench. Haven't experienced any leaks yet so they appear sturdy little bags.

    - NW, 26/4/2019
  • ED-2080 Compostable 80L

    However much I love the feeling, smell and the fact that these are compostable liners, they just weren't suitable for our use. I was putting the bin liners in our wheelie bin, of course, but when it would come time for our rubbish to be collected, a number of times the bag had already started decomposing(?) - falling apart, and sticking to the inside of our wheelie bin - and the rubbish wasn't able to be collected as the bag was too stuck to the inside of the bin - it wouldn't come out! This has cost us double for every rubbish collection that was unsuccessful. Not happy, and unnecessarily out of pocket :-(

    - AW, 26/4/2019
  • ED-5968 Degradable Checkout Bag Medium

    this product is the future.

    - ps, 20/3/2019
  • ED-2027 Compostable 27L

    More than happy with the bags, they suit our needs perfectly. Thank you

    - MR, 18/3/2019
  • ED-2020 Compostable Checkout Bag Medium (Pack of 100)

    These compotable bags are great.

    - CG, 7/3/2019
  • 50 X EP-CHK20 Checkout Bags – Large

    Excellent product

    - JH, 28/2/2019
  • ED-2020 Compostable Checkout Bag Medium (Pack of 100)

    Very efficient service and product was exactly as described.

    - GW, 28/2/2019
  • EC-22 Cotton Backpack

    Nice, sturdy bag. Canvas is medium weight. Perfect for what I needed.

    - KM, 28/2/2019
  • EC-33 String Fresh Produce Bags – set of 2

    good quality small string bags for fruit or vegetables, to fit inside a larger bag. Good size for four - six fruits or onions, draw string at top. Easy to wash. Strongly recommend.

    - CY, 25/2/2019
  • EC-32 String Carry Bag - Long Handle

    good quality strong string bags, given as presents and much appreciated by their new owners

    - CY, 25/2/2019

    Great it was just want I asked for. Good Service and product.
    Thanks Raywyn

    - RB, 18/2/2019
  • ED-2023 Compostable Checkout Bag Large (Pack of 100)

    Don't like the smell of the material. Would be perfect if it's thicker.

    - VC, 14/2/2019
  • ECV-18 Canvas Tote Bag With Gusset

    Good sturdy bag

    - JG, 8/2/2019
  • Eco-Grocery Starter Sets 3

    Great size and arrived quickly :)

    - Fh, 8/2/2019
  • COMP60 Earth Rated Compostable Dog Poop Bags

    Bags are great. It’s worth noting that I did not purchase these bags for the advertised purpose (Dog Poop Bags) because I needed them for something else. It was a massive risk to purchase and very pleased with the result. I use them as liners for a coffee grinds knock box. They are a tight fit but it works fine. I say all of this because I really think you should also have a generic packaging version of these bags. The bags themselves do not advertise the dog poop stuff and they are not scented and can have a general application. And it is hard to find compostible bags of this size. Thanks for considering my feedback. Regards, Peter.

    - PM, 1/2/2019
  • ECV-18 Canvas Tote Bag With Gusset

    Nice and sturdy looking. I'm very pleased with the quality and value.

    - KM, 28/1/2019
  • ENW-111 Library Book Bag

    I was expecting this to be a proper fabric bag like a canvas material, but it's just like the standard non-woven supermarket bags. I suppose it was my assuming that got me in trouble since there was not enough information listed stating materials it was made from.

    - KM, 28/1/2019
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