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Basic rundown of Eco Saint Bags…
When produce is harvested it releases a gas called ethylene. This gas gets trapped in the plastic bags, as they don’t allow air circulation. When the produce can no longer breathe, due to the gas, it begins to sweat. This is that dewiness that you find in the bag after a day or two and starts the spoiling process. When the gases are released from the bag it helps to keep fruit and vegetables from rotting prematurely.
Not only do Eco Saint bags allow your produce to breathe, but they absorb any excess moisture that can be detrimental to freshness. On the flip-side, some produce needs this moisture, but not the gas. This will be all of your leafy greens, like spinach, and herbs. By dampening a jute bag,  gases are still released while water vapour is held in. The moisture keeps the greens crisper and fresher longer.
With multiple bags, you can separate fruits and vegetables that are sensitive to ethylene gas, like strawberries, away from the ethylene producers (apples and stone fruit). Separation from each other will also help to slow down premature spoiling. 
All of your Eco Saint goodies will come packaging free. The only packaging we offer is the jute twine used to tie our Family packs. You will also find a handy guide in your pack to help you get the most out of your new additions.

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