About ECO IQ

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The genesis of my business occurred when I saw the gruesome picture of a turtle with a plastic straw entangled in its nose.  My heart hurt for the devastation we as humans were inflicting on our beautiful earth and the creatures within it.

I established ECO IQ LTD in 2018 with the aim of supplying products that reduced the negative impact that humans were having on the planet.  My product range began with a bamboo drinking straw which seemed the perfect alternative to the single use plastic drinking straw.  It was natural, compostable and reusable.  I set up selling packets of these straws at markets, sitting behind a small old fashioned school desk with an umbrella to either shade me or protect me from the rain.  Slowly I added products that I thought would help provide alternatives to things that were having such a negative impact on our environment.

Nowadays I have over 20 products ranging from silicone stretch lids to reusable silicone tipped ear and make up swabs.  I still frequent markets but am starting to branch out online and hope to have my website and online store set up by the end of 2020.

My goal is to continue to provide products that help lower pollution in our world.  I would also like to invent products that address the growing amount of micro-plastics in our ecosystems.  So watch this space.  Hopefully together we can provide and use things that help heal rather than hurt our beautiful planet.

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