About Danu

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The idea for the Danu range came to Joanna when her youngest daughter started her period and had a less than happy experience in the subsequent months due to the inadequate sanitary products on offer.

Joanna was concerned by the presence of chemicals in supermarket bought tampons and pads that certain research has suggested increase the risk of endometriosis. She wanted a natural, non-toxic solution that didn’t cost the earth (or damage it).

With her 30+ years of design and manufacturing experience, Joanna set about creating a natural sanitary pad that would help women during mensuration, post-pregnancy bleeding, and times of incontinence. After months of testing, she found a fabric combination that offered exceptional comfort and maximum absorbency without the need for man-made fibres.

It didn’t take long for friends and family to express their interest, they too had been looking for a natural alternative.

With a focus on family and female empowerment, Danu is committed to contributing to the sustainability of the planet. Our products are reusable and we are proudly plastic free.


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