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Plastic Free

Six Easy Tips to Help You Nail Waste Free Shopping

Now that many supermarkets and big chain stores have chosen to ban plastic bags at the checkout (great move we think), most of you will be getting into the h...
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Solid Shampoo Bars. Say What…???

Solid shampoo.'s a thing. First 'embraced' by travelling types where one multi-purpose bar held much more appeal than a collection of bulky, heavy a...
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5 Easy Things to do This Year That Make a Difference

Do you normally think about or make resolutions every time a new year rolls around..?? The dawning of an entirely new year and a clean page in a pristine bla...
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8 Sustainable Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love You For

I hate to say it but Christmas is only a little over 3 weeks away…Yikes….!! To help you avoid last minute panic and over spending, I’ve put together 8...
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Plastic Free July: What We Learned

So, Plastic Free July is over, but our journey to a less plastic lifestyle is not. Plastic Free July is all about forming new habits and trying new things in...
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Plastic Free July: Our Second Week

Our pledge to avoid plastic bags (shopping and produce), takeaway coffee cups, straws and water bottles is going well so far. I think we're still at 100%.......
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8 Things You’re Doing To Avoid Single Use Plastic this Plastic Free July

We asked YOU all to let us know what you've got planned or what you're already doing for Plastic Free July. The responses were pretty amazing and it's clear...
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Plastic Free July Diary: Our First Week

OK, we're one week into Plastic Free July and I wanted to share our progress with you all. We're already pretty good with the big 4 (plastic bags, straws, co...
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