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Say “No” to Plastic Straws

Refuse the straw

Sure, they look pretty and sometimes it’s quite convenient to have a straw to help you drink whilst on the go with no spills…..!!! But these things are useful for as long as it takes you to finish your drink and then… they are rubbish.

FACT: It’s estimated that Kiwis use 200 million straws per year. Plastic Straws are one of the top 10 items you’re likely to find on the beach and Sustainable Coastlines have collected a whopping 65,000 of them during their beach clean-up programmes held around the country.

They are a classic single use item; cheap and disposable yet designed to last forever. And because they are so small and light, they can easily ‘escape’ from landfills and end up elsewhere, commonly in the ocean or on the beach.

What Can I Do….??

When ordering a drink at a bar or cafe, remember to ask politely for ‘no straw’. It’s important to do this as you order because if your drink comes with a straw…. it’s too late!!!! And remember to do this every time for smoothies, soda, juices, cocktails and even hot chocolate….!!! You’d be amazed at how many drinks would come with a straw…!

If you’re a diehard straw fan or in need of one for other reasons, then there are lots of great quality reusable straws available now so you can bring your own!! Most come with a cleaning brush and a bag of some sort so you can transport them hygienically.

Go the Extra Mile

Support venues that are straw free. Many will have posters or messages on their menus using the hashtag #refusethestraw. If you think that’s awesome (and we assume you will…), tell them and share on social media if you can!!

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