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Natural Deo – Baking Soda-Free – Unscented

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Highly effective, 100% natural deodorant.

## Sensitive version – “No BS” (baking soda) ##
Unscented version – won’t interfere with any fragrance you’re wearing.

Easy to apply – no messy fingers.
Plastic free – compost the empty cardboard tube!

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Product Information

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**This deo replaces our original Unscented version, which used baking soda**

Make a plastic-free change with a fantastically effective natural deodorant that contains no aluminium salts, no non-natural chemicals ('nasties' as some call them), and no plastic in the package. Just natural ingredients, including plant oils that nourish the skin, and magnesium hydroxide (the key active ingredient) to keep you from being smelly.

The magnesium hydroxide is almost as potent as the baking soda used in our other deodorants, but is much less likely to cause skin irritation for the small number of people that react to a baking soda deo.

We do recommend people stick with the stronger baking soda range where possible.

It is highly effective - a light application should keep you free of underarm odours all day.

For mess-free application it is packaged in a push-up cardboard tube that can be composted at home once empty (or buried in the garden to rot down - even if it ends up in a landfill, at least isn't plastic).

Ingredients: coconut oil, tapioca starch, magnesium hydroxide, candelilla wax, castor oil, grapeseed oil, shea butter, vitamin E.


1) Twist cap to break seal
2) Push up from base to expose 2mm of deo stick
3) If it's cold, hold deo against armpit for a couple of seconds to warm the surface
4) With very little pressure, swipe the deo over the armpit, covering the whole area lightly. With gentle pressure the deo will stick to you a little, leaving just enough, but not too much!

Though unlikely with the magnesium hydroxide, a very small number of people may be sensitive to it, or another ingredient. If irritation develops (as can happen with any product, natural or otherwise) then discontinue use.
A light application is all you need.


Made in Wellington.
Two sizes - 28g travel size, 85g regular size (much easier to use due to its width).
The 28g should typically last 2 months with light daily use; the 85g typically 6+ months.
Scented version (Cedarwood & Vanilla) also available, and other scents in our baking soda based deos - see our other products for the full range.



  • Love this product, best natural deodorant that I’ve found. I prefer unscented

    MB, 18-5-2021
  • As someone who seeks constantly for any deodorant that does not contain the toxic substance known as Aluminium , I was keen to try this one. Sadly though within a few days I had a matching pair of irritating rashes under both arms so I decided to discontinue its use to allow the rashes to heal. This product is very effective at controlling perspiration under the arms , and it is the only one I have used over the last 60 years to ever create underarm rashes on me so it is not for me I guess. Having to warm it every day to get it to slide upwards is also a pain because once having warmed it to use , it becomes a bit too soft and it can break up easily when trying to apply it resulting in having to wipe off the surplus. For me it was total waste of $21-00.

    fk, 29-9-2020

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Positive Packaging

Plastic-free, compostable cardboard tube. Throw it in the compost heap, bury it in the garden. Done!

Animal Friendly

Tested only on willing humans.


Manufactured by hand in small batches.

Made in New Zealand

Handcrafted in Wellington.

Pure and Safe

All natural ingredients. No 'nasties'.
Alternate formulation for those sensitive to baking soda.

Speciality Diet - Vegan

All vegan-friendly ingredients.